He's too busy to have a girlfriend.. Right? Should I leave an open door for him whenever he returns? Or move on?

We aren't exclusive or have a title. We are both juniors at separate colleges an hour apart; we met the beginning of January. We've hung out and had sex. He said he hadn't had sex for a few months & doesn't often. I believe him. He acted genuinely interested in me, and then his track season started, and his second semester... Then it just seemed like he forgot about me. I'm a fun, artist, smart & attractive chick. He is too. We are compatible. Yet, now he's MIA completely... We haven't talked about it, but I feel like it's because he has track meets every weekend (if he doesn't he contacts me) and they are out of state sometimes. Each day he has practice (it's like his life) and then he has full courses at night. Should I just back off completely & let him come to me? I stated in a text I wanted to get to know him more and hang out more & he never responded, and he won't bc it's been a week. He keeps looking at my snapchat though. I don't know, I'm just kinda sad because I was diggin him and I don't dig too many dudes... He's the second dude I slept with and I just want more.


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  • I can't really help you here because my situation is somewhat similar (I posted a question about it, too). Just here for the answers. I wish I could be more help but I'm in the same boat as you.