What's really reason someone cheats on their partner?

I can't help but wonder why someone cheats on their partner as far as sex. Especially If they stay with the partner they cheated on after like as if nothing happened. What was the point to stray, if you want to stay? Or not take it further with who you cheat with?


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  • The reality of emotions don't comfortably fit with what we would like them to be. The "ideal" relationship in the minds of most Western people is that once you find your true love, the sex will always be like the first week when you'd fuck anywhere, the more risqué the better, 12 times a day. We would like to think that it slows down to maybe once a day w/ the same passion as we grow emotionally closer and build a relationship.

    Sorry to be party-pooper but here is what happens, to a greater or lesser degree, to everyone. The sex goes from 12 a day to 12 times a month, to 12 times in 3 months... It's natural since the hunt and getting to know each other are times of frenzied sex. Shortly afterward is infatuation where we think partner can do no wrong. If you stay together, the sex, instead of being hot, up against the wall is more like, "honey, do you want to fool around.

    The emotional closeness that's supposed to replace the passion often turns into having less respect for partner than u do strangers. You'll often say nasty things to them that you would never say to a stranger all their habits start to bug you.

    There have been countless books written about keeping passion in marriage but it's psychologically impossible. The two of you are no longer other with wild desire, you are one with less and less.

    Hopefully all of this doesn't happen to the extent I'm writing but before u get to starry eyed and thinking, "not me" take a look at the divorce rate in the US. And it equals about 1/2 the people who are thinking or wouldn't mind a divorce - or at least a sexually open marriage. In evolutionary terms, we are not wired to be monogamous.. The concept of "romantic love" we are infatuated with didn't exist anywhere until the late dark ages in the Provençale area of France.

    • Very interesting. So you think it's because they're looking for that new firery wild sex feeling in someone they once had with their current partner but lost over time? If so, I wonder why they bother to even stay

    • Inertia and sometimes deeper and more lasting emotions appear. But I just love the beginning when we fuck everywhere, in public, in glass elevator. Damn I always get too turned on when I discuss this

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  • I personally wouldn't cheat but I've had wandering thoughts before. It maybe be thrilling or something new to some people that attracts them. Who knows?

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