There's this cute guy but he lives in another state?

I'm currently a college freshman at a school in northern California.
However, when I applied last year as a high school senior, I got into the University of Chicago (which was my top choice and number one dream school).
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend due to financial reasons.
I had spoken to my folks about how devastated I was, and we had come to the unanimous decision that, if I am unhappy at my current school, I can apply to Chicago as a transfer and if I get in, I can go no matter what the financial aid package looks like.
I had put a lot of hard thought into it, and have decided to apply again as a transfer, my application is due in March and I have been working tremendously hard.

Even though I don't attend Chicago at this point in time, I am on the Facebook group page, and I came across this guy's profile (whom we shall refer to as "Jacob").
I went through Jacob's profile, and he seems like a nice guy. He really loves the University of Chicago, and is very involved with clubs and other extracurricular activities, and seems to be a very motivated, studious student.
I added Jacob about two days ago, and he accepted my friend request.
He is currently single, and since I am now his "friend" on Facebook, I had the chance to look through his stuff.
He seems like a genuinely nice, charismatic guy.
I want to talk to Jacob, however I'm not entirely sure how to do so without it being too creepy?
Advice please?


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  • I think you should just message him. Also, the University of Chicago is an amazing school and I'm impressed that you got accepted there.

  • Drop him a message and tell him thanks for the add. And tell him that you are thinking about tranffering their and maybe ask him what the university is like their to break the ice. But it's up to you what to write.

  • Message him...


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