She is busy on the Valentine's day weekend. Is this a sign she is already dating someone?

Exchanged email and text with her and asked her what is she doing this weekend and if she is down for meeting up for a coffee.

She ignored my first questions and simply said she is busy this weekend and ask if we could meet next week. I replied sure. She responded cool.


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  • Possibly and she could be prioritizing it to someone she likes more or already have met.

    If you want to screw it up try sending flirty text to her on Valentines Day. That would make the guy suspect what she is up to and probably back off from her.

    • You are very evil LOL

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    • Can you read my comments to @tupperware opinion? What do you think of the situation?

    • 6 months is quite a long time, can you find out if that is her ex or something? If they spend Valentine's day together they probably are not friends with benefits... may be she is still dating her ex? Meaning they are not over each other.. you could be a rebound.

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  • I would think so. Though it's kind of strange that she didn't say, "I'm going out with my boyfriend."

    • May be they are not official yet so she can't say "boyfriend"?

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    • Well shit. I reread your original post and your last comment, and I think I missed something huge along the way somehow - have you met her before? I somehow got the idea that you had met up for at least a few dates.

      If this is just an online thing for the time being, I think it's safe to say it's very much in the early stages. She might be playing the field and meeting a lot of people from whatever site it is, which is normal (though I get that it's uncomfortable).

      So even if she is going on other dates, I wouldn't be too worried about it. I still think she appears to like you a lot. And it makes the rain check an even better sign - you asked to meet, and she said she couldn't Sunday but does want to meet you.

      And sorry for the sloppy reading. I thought the "exchanged email and text with her" was just in relation to asking her to meet up, but that you had been out with her before.

    • No problem, I should have made it clear about meeting up for the first time. I'm not a jealous guy and have no issue with her meeting people. Only when it comes to Valentines Day it makes me wonder if the guy she is spending time with is her boyfriend. If so I will definitely bolt.

      I asked the mutual friend to do a bit of peeking of me. The soccer guy is someone who she's been going to fancy dinner with for like the past 6 months or so. They also just spent Valentine's Day together. However her facebook status is single.

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