Help! A guy has confessed to me, I don't know what to do?

A friend has just told me "If I could have anyone as my Valentine, I would choose you.". I'm at a loss for words... He texted this to me a little while ago. Recently, I just got out of a relationship (I was friends with this guy while I was in the relationship), and there was a fair bit of drama between my ex and I. Therefore, I don't particularly feel ready to date anyone at the moment. However, this guy just confessed to me... And to top it off, he's 23. I'm turning 18 in a month.
Don't get me wrong, he's no creep, he's a really nice guy, but I don't know how to reply to this message he sent... I don't want to hurt him. He doesn't deserve it..
Can I please get some advice? I really need some help.


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  • fuck him girl go go go

    • I am laughing so hard at this comment. This made my day, hahaha.

    • well he deserves it honey nothing less than a fuck <3

What Girls Said 1

  • Tell him that you're not interested in him and you already got out of a relationship.