Why do guys come on so strong then suddenly go cold?

I met a guy a couple of months ago out at a club, I went home with him, slept with him and didn't really want or expect to hear from him again. He was leaving to go work off shore that night for 3 weeks and he started messaging me daily. We had good chats and good banter. He then started calling me every couple of days, he asked if he could see me when he came home, so we set up a date.

He seemed really into it, the day that he came home, I had a boquet of flowers delivered from him, with a note saying that he just wanted to make me smile and that he couldn't wait to see me.

We've been on a few dates and they were good, he seemed really into it, more so than me. To the point where it was actually putting me off a little, he was sending me videos of him playing the guitar and singing love songs inbetween each date. He was texting me gushing about how amazing I am, he also left me a letter one morning when he left saying that he is so into me and that I could really hurt him as he's never felt this way about anyone before (considering he has been married before, I highly doubt this.)

On each of these dates I did sleep with him, I also told him I'm not looking for anything serious and he said he'd be willing to wait. He told me that he and his ex were meant to attend a wedding of a mutual friend together tomorrow but that he wasn't going to go because he thinks it will be awkward. Today I asked him whether he was going, he was quite short in his reply and said yeah, he can't pull out now.

Something about that makes me feel uneasy, and he hasn't shown much interest in me the past couple of days.

Should I cut off ties, especially if he's going to a wedding with his ex? Also why would he put so much effort in and then suddenly turn cold? It frustrates me a bit but am unsure why considering I wasn't all that bothered about him. I also feel bad just cutting him off since he sent me flowers and bought me gifts. Should I speak to him? And say what?


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  • Im thinking maybe he hook up with the ex that is why he is acting cold and distant. Or he could be talking to another girl. I think cutting him off sounds good. But if your curious as to why he is acting weird then message him and try to find out why if you really want to know the truth.


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