Got rejected by a girl I was 100% sure liked me?

For the first time ever I asked out a girl yesterday and proposed moves towards a serious relationship through my friend who subtly suggested to my crush's friend, how I actually feel about her.

Now i wouldn't attempt to ask out a girl who hasn't been showing any signs of liking me. This girl, lets call her Alice, 6 months earlier used to say Hi (my name) in the corridor so frequently it even caught my friend's attention. She often playfully hit me with books and there was always a sort of healthy tension between us, though at the time I really kind of thought that she wasn't all that pretty and a slightly weird. She once came right across the classroom to sit next to me with my friends, drawing a smiley face on the computer monitor and saying that she was there just to "patronise" me while a kind of awkward moment ensued. In the past 3 months, I thought that I would give her a chance, after all she had dyed her hair a fancy red colour, wore nice clothes and after my messengings of her, she began to frequently ask about homework for then the conversation to flourish for hours because I found she actually had a lot in common with me. This majorly sparked my interest.

So last night I guess you could say I asked her out. She responded that she didn't like me and that she didn't want a boyfriend. I don't know how accurate this is because it came through another person, but my friend literally thought there was a 95% chance she would say yes before she didn't.

I feel like i've been shot through the heart. I don't think this girl has ever had a boyfriend, however she said previously that "isnt being single the ultimate goal", and to be honest in my small 6th form college I can't imagine me or her being with anyone else, since there are things I think about each of us that most guys or girls wouldn't like. It's really quite confusing guys, what gives?

I'm a good looking guy too, and I've had 5 girls ask me out in the past 2 years


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  • She's not into you or relationships at the moment. It's really that fucking simple.


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  • Sounds like a hot and cold. I've seen this shit happen to many guys. A girl could be sucking your dick the night before, you then ask her to be your girlfriend, and she'll say, "Excuse me? We're just friends. Just 'cause i sucked your dick doesn't mean I like you in that way."

    Sure that sounds a little graphic, but its the truth. And it works vice-versa with girls as well. There will be guys they are sure that likes them and the guy blows them away when they ask for a relationship.

    Some people say that others want what they can't have and as soon as they get it... they don't want it anymore. If you want the honest truth, the best thing to do it walk away from the situation. You didn't even like the girl 6 months ago and now you're assuming that, "you can't imagine being with anyone else." Grow the fuck up, mate. She's not Sleeping Beauty. She's just an asshole that knowingly led you on, and when you asked her out, she wasn't interested anymore. The best way to deal with people like that is just ignore them and move on with your life because all they will do is just play games with you. Even though they seem like the sweetest person... you think you know someone... 95% sure you know someone... and then you'll find out it wasn't so.

  • Wait, why didn't you ask her, yourself?