I am feeling depressed in this house?

I can't bear it anymore, i feel like im becoming less motivated by them. My mother and older sister are extremely jealous, negative and depressed, both dont want help, my mom does take medication. But i feel scared to act motivated when i m around them because i feel like they are going to ruin or take something away from me. At this point i just want OUT, i have never been so lifeless in my entire life i dont recognize myself anymore when i look in the mirror, i feel unstable when i used to be so stable and organized and full of life. I can't find a job i do have some savings and im just thinking about getting out asap, i dont care where i end up, i feel so low and hurt. How can i hold on?


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  • Honestly, I feel like a lot of the time, it can all be in our heads, especially around this age. Trust me, I struggle with severe anxiety and bouts of depression; but sometimes it's unnecessary. Think about it, what was so different before that's changed now? I don't know if your mom and sister always dealt with depression, but if so, there had to be something keeping you up before. Now, we have to make this transition into being adukts and really finding out place in life. I think it just messes with our heads sometimes and gets us down. of course I could be totally off the mark, but that's just my thinking.