Guys, what do you think of a girl who makes the first move?

Like if she opens up about her feelings for you first.
Usually girls like guys making the first move on this, but what if she does it first?
Yay or nay?
Would that creep you out?


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  • I've always had women making the first move. But I've always taken it as a compliment but sometimes a little awkward too. Seeing as I usually have no interest in them.
    Had one girl pin me to the floor then asked me out. Which was... interesting... also it made it much harder to turn her down. So I didn't...

    • I'm actually referring to my guy over here... Someone I've even seeing for almost half a year. We haven't said "I love you" yet and I've fallen for him and I was thinking of telling him that I've fallen for him but was wondering how that'd go and if guys would like that a girl made the first move.

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    • Yea, I've been planning on doing it but always chickened out at the last minute for fear of creeping him out. I'm seeing him again next weekend and plan on slipping that in. I hope I don't chicken out again!

    • Summon up your courage and let him know how you feel. Take it slow or go in fast. Which ever helps you the most. You'll ever know if you don't make the move...

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  • I love it. Its happened to me once lol & I was over the moon


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  • I love doing it, he always seems so surprised and one of my guy friends said it takes a lot of stress off their mind.

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