Is my ex interested in me at all?

A few weeks ago, my ex drunk texted me that he was in my college town and thought of me. I didn't respond because I was asleep.

One week later, I texted him saying he should come over if he is ever in my college town again. He said he felt like it would be awkward but couldn't make that decision because he was drunk. I said that's fine, I just wanted to offer. He also asked if I was still with this guy I was seeing and I said no.

One week after that, I sent him a snapchat (while drunk) and he responded that he was drinking too. We sent about 10 snaps back and forth about nothing exciting. Just drinking and tattoos. It wasn't flirtatious or anything. It was very impersonal actually, but I was shocked he actually responded.

Is there any chance that my ex is the least bit interested in me? He broke up with me about 2 months ago and we haven't spoken since, besides the instances I just mentioned. I feel like him responding to me says something because during our break up period (it wasn't an instantaneous thing), he ignored my snapchats and texts all the time. What do you guys think?


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  • Be careful now. Do you want to get back with him? If so then continue talking to him and see where it goes. If he is interested or not you will be able tell sooner or later.