Girls, Girls under 24, would you date a bald guy your age who shaved from hair loss?

  • Yes he can still be attractive
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  • well yes, there is no harm, there are guys that date girls don't have no butt or boobs, so it'll work the round way, don't worry, there are tone of girls that would like to date you :)

    • You really think it's that small of a deal? I mean I have high standards I wouldn't lower if someone put a gun to my head, but for me to meet those standards a girl must be slender and have a very attractive face, I really don't care about chest or butt like you mentioned, do you really think hair is that small a deal to young girls?

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    • Well like I said to me a girls attractiveness has nothing to do with chest size, I prefer tiny girls even who typically are more flat, would you say it's unlikely a girl this young who's attractive would give a bald guy a shot? I know it's a Pugh question but you have more insight into female social circles than myself, and like I said I do have high standards on face and slender frame

    • well, yes there are girls who loves bald guys, each persons has specific tastes so don't worry, yes there are young girls who likes bald guys i have a cousin of mine that she's 20 years old her husband is 26 years old and when she started date him he was a complet bald guy and she was around 17 /18

  • I guess... It's kinda weird to not have hair at 14, but I would if he had a good personality and was handsome (other than the lack of hair).

    • Well I mean it's from a condition not like normal baldness, so a guy can still be attractive to you even with no hair?