How to you get a girl to like you?

What should I do or say to get her interested? She's in my class and we never spoke before.


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  • Talk to her! Some girls (like me) are SUPER shy and probably won't ever talk to you or send signals that they like you. Just sit next to her and ask to borrow a pencil or something. Then gradually small talk and keep on repeating this routine!
    You'll get to know her better and she'll get to know you better.

    There's a guy in my class I like (dying for him to talk to me, but he never did and never will lol) and I'd wish for him to do this!

    Good luck!


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  • Walk past her in the hall and say hi, that's it. Then every time you see her say hi, if you sit next to her engage short conversations about class or anything. Or talk to some of her friends


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  • Kidnap her and refuse to release her until she says she's in love with you.

    "I deserve to be loved!"