Should I go to this valentines day party my girlfriend invited me to tonight or not?

I'm a little older than her and she just turned 21. I like to drink ocassionally and pick up a variety pack ocassinally to try differint IPA's and relax. I used to go out all the time when I first turned 21 and it was a fun time but I got tired of the hangover, lack of sleep, and learned to drink for the flavor and stopped going to the bar or house parties. Like I said I'm 2 years older and she wants me to go to this valentines day party and go dancing with her (literally just grinding) and relive my partying days. I don't want to but feel almost forced I'd rather spend the night at one of our homes and relax.


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  • Well, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do. But If u wanted to go for ur girlfriend, then maybe u guys could just go for a couple of hours. Or just encourage her to go with friends. However, I don't know if there will be a bunch of couples there, then she may really want u to go. I mean it's sound like fun & a chance to go out for the night with ur girl. And then u guys can come back home later & chill :) Talk to ur girlfriend about how u feel. :)

    • It's a house party and I know everyone there asnfar as I know its a mix of couples and stag. Her friends live in the house and I will probably end up going and won't drink so I can drive later.

    • Oh okay then. :) Well, I kno I'm late but did u end up going?

    • Yeah I sucked it up and was the DD. I was by far the oldest person there but I couldn't complain I enjoyed her grinding on me lol. We had a good time when we got back to my apartment as well.

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