I just found out the guy I really like is married. Does anyone know of a way to help me cheer myself up?

I've known him for about half a year. We often flirted back and forth with each other and he seemed to really like me. He never wore a ring or mentioned a wife so this is a complete shock to me. I'm feeling pretty uset as one could imagine. Does anyone have any advice for trying to help me move on?


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  • Just remember that it's not you and is definitely is him, don't feel bad for falling for it because you couldn't have known he's the one who deceived the whole time, sucks that his wife is married to a complete twat. Know that it wasn't your fault and some people just are selfish.


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  • Just leave him cos he is cheater. If he did it to his wife, he will do it to you as well when he will be bored of you. Just leave him cos it has nothing to do with love.. im mean real one.

    • Trust me I want nothing to do with him.

    • Im trusting you.. but he yes... probably. I think this is not guy for you. Together with it I dont know all details, but your question was quite clear.. if he is married.. its like tabu...( Im like this, so im answering in accordance to my character - you can/or not agree)

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