Girls, Ladies! Your ideal Valentine's date?

What would you like to do and where?
Your ideal if someone could read your mind!

A male friend of mine is taking a girl who he has known for ages on a first date on Valentine's! (Pressure!) He is asking me for advice!

I'd be happy with a hike milkshake and a donut. Been told I'm not helping!!!


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  • hm, probably a fun fair at sunset/night. i think that's really cute for Valentine's day. hopefully i win one of those massive monkeys holding a heart that says 'i love you'.

    we'd hold hands while we're walking, and go on all the scary rides. we'd get disney themed temporary tats, and eat burgers, ending the night with a romantic cuddle up on the ferris wheel. :)

  • I think our relationship has progressed to the point now that we are only ever truly satisfied if a date means being extremely lazy, staying in bed, napping, drinking tea and eating pizza. So that is my ideal date.

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