Girl talks, goes out with me shopping, gets close then blocks me. This happened 3 times over 5 months?

We dated 5 times, no sex but intimacy. We get on really well. Went out shopping 3 times. Every time she gets close, she runs away by blocking me on social media and her phone. I attempted contact before when she blocked me the first two times. She texted me and sent me pictures and videos very often (every day) Now i sent her a rose and a letter, just pointing out how well we got on and that i would appreciate that we be friends still. I approached her as we use the same bus stop to go town etc. She chattex for a bit then when we got off the bus she said that she's on the phone in a rude manner so i replied 'so your blowing me off to speak to your friend' she walked off. I left her a voicemail saying i dont know whats up and we should talk about it and that her games are annoying me. The next day i intiated contact by ringing from another number and she starting being silly talking about how she will contact the police. Any advice and possibly a breakdown of what happened from a womans prrspective would be helpful?


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  • I would of just walked away. Seriously stay away from her. You're just going to waste your time and potentially mess yourself up.
    Also... don't ever ever ever... go grovelling to her on the floor like that. What a lot of women have too much of these days and that's an over sized ego.

    If someone treated you badly/unfairly, you don't go chasing after them, you don't go and sell your dignity and self respect. You walk away.

    • Well its been 6-7 days of no contact. She works 5 minutes away from my house 😕

    • Good. Just need to make sure those 6-7 days turns into 6-7 years.
      You'll be sending a clear message. You're not interested any more. You've got better things to do. If she ever responds to this in the future, ignore her completely.
      It pains me to see guys lay on the floor and sell away their self respect. It pains me because I kinda went through that myself. Now I feel stupid for it...