Why would a guy who is old and mature enough to fear loving a girl?

I met my boyfriend online he is a good person but he always think low of himself I love him truly but he fear of that our relationship won't work because it's started online and he is scared why I don't know so how to make him see that our relationship worth it even if he is scared and how to make him get over his fear


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  • He could easily have a traumatizing past. I had a horrible childhood and was betrayed & beaten by my parents, so naturally I fear loving anybody.

    Your online boyfriend could have had the same problem. If you really love him then just be patient with him.

    • I'm sorry to hear that you been through that.. I'm trying hope he'll see that I truly love him because he loves me to but his fears are taking over his love

    • Well he sounds a lot like me and what would probably get me to stop being afraid is to simply tell him you'll forgive him if he makes mistakes.

      The things that scares me (and probably him) the most is that if he makes a mistake you won't love him anymore. So find some way of convincing him that even if he does something stupid you'll still love him.

    • Thank you.. Hope he'll be convinced

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  • He sounds like his neg surroundings have made him this way

  • Lets be honest, truth is that most relationships don't work. But people keep trying to save them.
    Remind him that. Just because something won't last forever, doesn't necessarily mean it's not worth it.

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