Do you think heterosexual womens' view on what an ideal man is begins to narrow down into particular values once we become adults?

Women have different preferences, and they don't all want the same thing, of course I believe that. They say you don't have to have lots of money or be ripped, etc. etc. I believe that as well... from a particular point in their early lives. But I feel once they hit a certain age, they tend to look for these traits in a male that almost seem universal. When I was in high school, there were girls taller than me that really liked me, it was great. But now that I'm in adult, virtually NO women will date a man shorter than her, even a lot of short girls will only date you if you are a particular height, EVEN THOUGH you're still taller than her. I genuinely would believe that when girls say they don't care about money, they mean it... but eventually, they want to have children and it's like "Well, he's making minimum wage... he doesn't seem like father material". I'm not implying women just want to leach off you and take your money, but even successful career driven women aren't going to want someone raising their offspring who is content with working in a low-income position. I've also been skin and bones my whole life and throughout high school ( and college) women still found me really attractive. But it wasn't the same post-college, I had to bulk up and start working out for women to even notice me.

I'm not trying to come off as some bitter, misogynist male on GAG, I've just noticed these trends in adulthood, what do you think?


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  • Just because you had such experiences with women, it doesn't necessarily mean it applies in every situation. Why can't people figure that out?
    The truth is NOT based on your experiences alone.

    • nothing applies to every situation. however, exceptions shouldn't be consided when generalizing 😊

      ps why did I read an anonymous comment

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    • Yeah, it's not applicable to every woman, but it seems to be the norm, no? How many men do you see with taller women? How many women are really willing to date someone who makes significantly less than them?

    • In regards to the height, I've noticed that too.
      There might be some truth into it, but I am still not sure.

      But in regards to money, I haven't exactly noticed that.
      People usually date within their salary range.

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