I took my ex back some days ago, now I regret it and let the new guy go?

So I have been battling for weeks between two guys. The secret is that I kinda like them both, but decided to take back my ex after the other guy was gone for some days. They know about each other so I have been honest with both of them... anyways. These past two days all I have been thinking about is the new guy. I guess I did a mistake by getting back with my ex, even if we aren't in a relationship right now, we are just working on it (so both single). . the other guy said he was done for now, and that I need to think about what I want.

Since I do not want this to be long, this is some facts about both.

ex: dated for 3/4 years, sweet-loving-caring, I love him (care about him), but not in love anymore, a lot of history and good memories... but been emotionally blackmailing me (says he will talk shit about me and never talk to me again if I do not chose him), I have told him I just want to be friends, but still he wants to try. I feel guilty about how I handled the break up and feel like I own him.

new guy: only known him for two months, sweet-dominant-funny-witty-smart, he struggles a lot with his self esteem though. don't know him that well, but since we both want to be single we though that we could entertain each other. we have kissed and acted like a couple...

what to do now?


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  • If you love two people at the same time choose the second because if you really loved the first one you wouldn't have fallen for the second -Johnny Depp

    • if I reed this quote before I would have done this... I think it is too late :(

    • Stole the words from outta my mouth.

  • Make up your mind and decide. That's what you should do. You're keeping them around for your amusement simply because you're being indecisive. Pick one.

    • that is true :( thank you...

    • You're welcome.
      I am not trying to be an ass, but just imagine how would it make you feel if you were in their position. It's not a nice place to be..