What to do and when to do it?

What to do and when to do it? So my friends (lets call them Clare and Sarah) asked my crush (lets call him Evan) something... So at lunch Sarah already knew that I had a crush on Evan but Clare didn't and she over heard and then they walked off from me to where Evan was and asked him if he like me. HE SAID YES So Sarah and Clare reported all of this back to me blah blah blah and tried to literally drag me to him but I managed to struggle free and run off. Later, I called Evan and he said that he told Clare and Sarah he only liked me as a friend, but I called Clare afterwards and she confirmed that he didn't say as a friend. I have known Evan for 7/8 years now so he knows that my closest friend is Sarah so why would he say that he liked me? Was he just trying to stop them from annoying him? On instagram, he tagged me in a tag who you would take a bullet for and I was the only girl he tagged. I don't know how to react to any of this and because I wasn't there at the time Clare and Sarah were talking to Evan, I don't know what to believe. Please help? I texted Evan saying Clare said he didn't say just friends and he said nope he said just friends but I don't believe him because before my ex bff called him and he said he liked me to her and told me afterwards that he didn't say anything at all to her


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  • Well, sounds like he is playing games or is enjoying the attention. Either way, stop playing these childish games of "he told her" and "she told me". Don't pursue him anymore, and when he mans up to talk to you maturely (assuming he is really into you) you can tell him you got tired of this back and forth nonsense that was going on and you would like him to be blunt and honest about where this is going. If, however, he doesn't talk to you and remains a good friend, then you should leave it at that and just move on with your life.

    That's what I think. Good luck to you. : )


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