If she wants to kiss you, she must like you. She does not have to EXPLAIN that- right?

On a rate of one to ten, if a girl 'friend' asked you to kiss her, how much would you think she liked you?

You don't have to think about it - just answer , cause you would be surprised in real life anyways^

Rate on a scale of one to ten^ 1- 10 How confident are you that she LIKES you?

- Question applies to anyone who likes to kiss girls ^-^


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  • Girl: Kiss me, you fool!

    Guy: Huh? Are you OK?

    Girl: Oh, forget itl


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  • 10- I say this because I only kiss the females that show interest in a relationship instead of a fling

    • Great Answer, tho probably not too common- tho I don't know for sure. lol

      I can ONLY kiss guys that I like enough to be in a relationship with.

      So you would to kiss a girl who was really pretty if y did not want to be in a relationship with her?

  • 10 just because if she wanted to hook up she would say she wanted to hook up and not that she just wanted a kiss. And why kiss someone you don't like?

    • Right. I agree... Do you mean hook up would be less then a ten , cause it is about hooking up, not about LIKING someone?

      I see it that way, that is what I thought you meant it.

      You know I think I anyways, kissing is much more intimate then random sex, if that is what you meant.

      lol hook up has different meanings, to me it would just mean doing anything together, but I use it as referring to sex, so I do not confuse people^

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    • Lol. I DO like him, but In general, I do not expect anything to happen -for MANY reasons (None of them is because either one of us is evil, it is just too complicated right now).

      Do guys never want to just KISS someone?

      I see what you are saying about how ' a kiss should not make him think about sex' & I agree.. That is why I do not understand WHY he RAISED it right away?

      I can think of REASONS anyone could worry, but not WHY he is worrying about anything from THAT particular instance ...

    • I mean I have kissed someone to kiss them, and not wanted sex, or even thought about it really. Maybe he thought that was what your intentions were, So maybe he was kinda giving you his point of view before it came about. I mean guys can control themselves to be able to resist it if they don't want to mess something up

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  • on the scale 10. NO there is no explanation needed..but people are funny :) maybe he is just so shocked that you like him.

    • Haha, that a not SUPPOSED to be me , but well since you guessed it. :-)

      Yeah, IDK, I thought the fact that I stare at him every time we talk I am totally BRAIN TIED around him, tongue tied would not be so bad I could say I had strep, & use sig language lol, but my brain stops working - for two years^ & That I ask the stupidest inane questions, just to here him talk, lol

      .. I just figured he must know, & he just id ot like me.

      He finally seemed like he was at least receptive to a kiss-

    • - if not like me. I do not usually do that, just him. Hmm, I hope he dos no think I just walk around kissing boys lol

      HOw would he know tho.

      Maybe he is like Einstein up top.... He only kisses girls in a relationship with him, so he is confused about what to of me^

      I only kiss guys I REALLY like, so far - him^^

      Yeah, people are funny - I guess that includes me :-)

  • yes, she likes u! I went thru the same situation with my friend I been friends with him 4 a long time. I finally started 2 like him and he started 2 like me so we started talkin and kissin so YES she mos def. likes u!