He is always texting, but doesn't ask me out?

Dear people of this forum - I need your help please!

I did my research, but I am so undecided and have no idea what to do.
About a month and a half ago I met this guy online and started talking to him randomly. He struck me with amazing good looks and wittiness and I tend to fall for that. We have been talking daily, we wrote each other messages that were around 1000 signs or even longer and have such deep conversations and understand each other.
He does compliment my looks occasionally, give clues about him liking me, but he hasn't asked me out yet.
I have given him some subtle clues and a few compliments, so he knows I like him. I just have no idea why he doesn't make a move and what should I do?

I am considered really attractive by most people and get a lot of guys texting me, but I don't have a connection with them. I am starting to fall for him and am scared of catching feelings with no cause, but am also scared to let him go.

Please help me understand why is this happening and what am I supposed to do...
Oh by the way we are both 20 and I am not looking for a proper commitment, but it would be nice to go out with him and see if the chemistry is still there. It drives me crazy thinking about him and imagining our time together - I know I shouldn't do it, but all females do.

And just a side note: he doesn't seem shy, is not too busy, does't live ages away and is texting me his life details.

Thank you for your answers, you are amazing!


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  • Oh gosh what can you do? Hey I have a crazy idea!

    ASK HIM OUT YOURSELF. Why girls don't get this yet is beyond me and beyond frustration.

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