Girls, Am I Obsessed With Her?


So there is this girl at my school and my friends and I have noticed me doing things...
1. I talk about her at least once in every convo
2. I always try to look out for her around the school
3. I write her name on my leg everyday
4. I dream of her... Not for a while but I still do sometimes...

Am I obsessed with her or is this some weird creepy crush XD


Some more things my mates have said I do...
1. She hates me but I love it... I don't know why but EVERYTIME she gives me a hate stare... I love it...
2. My dreams of her are not normal dreams, it is always the same, me talking to her through FB...
3. Mates say my love to her is like a vampires love for blood... Some people say I'm addicted to her...

I need help don't I...


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  • Nah sweetie, you just have a crush, that's okay! You should ask her out!

    • I updated the question but she hates me. But I love her hate for some reason... I wanted to ask her out but things just went south and things turned out bad. :(

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    • It sounds to me like both Kate and Hannah are being extremely immature by saying things behind your back and not allowing you to explain your position in this situation. Girls in high school can be extremely tricky, I used to be one, I know. There can be a plethora of reasons why Kate and Hannah are acting this way, perhaps Hannah is jealous, and Kate doesn't want to interfere in a situation that affects her friend, thus her "not caring" about the situation, etc. It's important to remember that if they are wrongly accusing you of things you didn't say, it is not up to you, nor should it ever be, to have to defend yourself for things that you haven't done. What I would suggest, since at the time being you cannot communicate with Kate in person, is to send her a message via FB or write a note explaining, saying sorry if she misperceived something and would like the opportunity to talk about it with her. If she doesn't respond, then you have to remember you tried your best to communicate.

    • She has blocked me, but I have sent a message through Tia (Kates friend, I can trust Tia. Tia would past it to Kate, I know she would. She isn't like Hannah) it mostly said i'm sorry and I want to fix things etc... Didn't hear a response so looks likes things will never happen with Kate :( Thanks for your help :)


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  • 1,2,4:normal. But 3: write her name one your leg everyday? you're obsessed.

    • It's weird, like I don't stop myself from doing it. I just write her name... Is this creepy?

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    • she'll probably think that you r a creep or something like that. If i saw a guy write my name on theirs leg, i'll be creep out

    • She does think im a creep, though she stares at me like for five minutes at break time XD

  • You're not obsessed you're just in love!

    • Like in the updates, people say I'm addicted to her. Cause I talk about her like 95% of the time

  • I dream of guys too. What's the matter?

  • Sounds obsessed to me...