Is chivalry dead? Ladies do you still like men doing romantic shit?

I've notice that a lot of my guy friends don't really do 'romantic ' stuff for women when they take them out for dates. Is this normal or my friends are just boring af. If I take a girl out I'll buy her roses, open the car door, pay for the date and all that mushy stuff. Is that not the normal practice or are we done with romance and trying to impress girls?


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  • Please please please keep being chivalrous! It's so rare these days. I guess that's mainly because of the rise of Feminazism lol.
    But sadly, romance is dying out. If you're one of the very few chivalrous guys out there in our generation, please don't change that. So many girls I know are in desperate search for guys like you and we see less and less of romance everyday.

    My grandma used to tell me a story about how she, growing up in St. Petersburg, would get on the public bus and all the men would stand up and offer her a seat. Not just her, but any woman of any age, would be offered a seat on the bus by any man. Even if there was an empty seat on the bus, the man would still get up if a woman entered as a sign of respect. That used to be the norm... but look at today. That aspect of culture died completely, as well as many other gentlemanly customs. Maybe that bus example was a bit too extreme, but I hope you get the point.

    So please, don't be forced to change just because all the other guys were not educated about this. Keep that honourable chivalry inside you and hopefully pass it on!

    • How did feminist ruined chivalry? I really appreciate everything you just said and happy to know that women still love romantic gestures.

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    • @Zendrya wtf okay then lol

    • Haha thanks for educating me :)

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  • I like men to do romantic things

    • Mind you I like to do romantic things too... I think everyone should be romantic

    • That's really good to know :)

  • Yes I do


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