Do I ask her out to dinner tomorrow, recently met, short notice?

I met a girl last Tuesday, online (!), and I'm confident in saying we are ready to meet in person. I asked her to meet yesterday so I could make sure she looked like she does in her pictures before asking her to an event tonight; she had plans, she wished me a good weekend.

So dilemma is: I would normally wait til early next week to make contact again & set up a time to meet. However, tomorrow is valentines day; I premtively got myself on a waitlist for a decent restaurant on Thursday because I had a good feeling about this girl. There was a cancellation so I now have a reservation for dinner at a decently cool restaurant. Tomorrow is a special day, maybe I should make an exception.

More detail:
I'm ok with having dinner (~2 hours) with the girl without having seen her in person, I wouldn't have been for the event tonight because if it turns out I'm not interested in her I would have been with her for ~4 hours + afterparty. Also to be clear, I did not ask her to the event tonight as I did not meet her in person.

So all this considered, do I send her a message asking her to dinner tomorrow @ 7? If yes, should I explain why it's short notice?

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