Is it possible to not get along with a group?

I'm trying to get into this group of friends that have been friends with each other for years. But im so new, they ignore me. I dont know what to even talk about. They leave me out of everything. I'm not used to this, cause everywhere else im the coolest person ever. Everyone loves me at work, but i only started going in this group because my best friend is apart of it.

But whenever he's not there, its awkward. I don't know why.. Is it me?


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  • Yeah, Iyour are probably overthinking it. Just be yourself and try to blend in. If you're the coolest person ever this new group will like you too. Just dont try to grandstand.

    • I've tried to blend in and im ignored. It feels shitty to be ignored. But if it were me, id introduce new people and get them in. But they just talk among st themselves. Not me

    • Didn't your friend introduce you?

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  • When you're in that group its you.

    If you want in find out who the 'planner' is.
    There is always 1 person who throws the parties, plans the poker nights etc... get in with that person.

    Also small talk goes a long way. Chit chat with people, ask about them. But you really do have to be interested in these people.

    • Your right. Maybe im not as interested in them to want to be apart of it. I do work a lot.

    • Have you been in this situation?

    • Yea, but from the other side.
      I was the leader of my group of friends for years, and my besties' wife was the planner.

      When a new person would be around this was the question I got asked the most.

      But then I quit drinking/druging and left the group for health reasons. I miss em a lot.
      Getting in with a group is a great idea, I'm still trying to find a new one.

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