What does this all mean?

I was working on a group project with my guy friend that i like. We were on a break just laying round or whatever and i was staring at my guy friend a lot and we joke around like we do and stuff. When we were on a the break me and my guy friend were talking then my guy friend was talking to one of the other guys in the group and i was like right near them so they lowered there voices to sorta a whisper but i heard them. The other guy was like so you gonna ask her today later blah blah. I thought it could be about me but then maybe not. Way later into the project we were just laying around again just hanging and my guy friend and the other guy were talking again and lowered their voices again, i was near them again and the other guy said to my guy friend i was staring at him a lot and mentioned the the tshirt i was wearing. My guy friend and the other guy are pretty good friends. After the project the whole group went out, i couldn't go but my guy friend kept asking me why i couldn't go even though i told him why i couldn't go but really wanted to. What does this all mean?


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  • Us guys work in mysterious ways ha ha. But he might have been trting to egg him on into asking you out. Because it's pretty damn hard to find the courage to ask someone out let alone ask your crush out.


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