How can I appeal more to older men?

I love older men. However it's so hard to meet them on a college campus. I want to be in a serious relationship with one too. Any tips?


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  • Take a class with a single professor then, after you are no longer in his class, he is fair game to make a move. I had students hit on me...

    • I wish lol. I'm afraid of them reporting me or giving me a bad grade for coming on to them.

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    • How did the conversations begin to get personal?

    • Well, they didn't really - not too much. However, one popular bar downtown had wing night and everyone went there, so they'd approach me in the bar as well. I was still their grader so I had to keep things a bit professional. At night in bed though, I fucked every single one of them in my imagination. Sadly, the class I taught was a senior level class, 2nd semester. These young ladies were graduating so I couldn't have a relationship after...

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  • Dress and act older then your age


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  • How old? Generally, you just need to go somewhere they hang out.

  • ''serious relationship''? good luck with that.


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