Girls, Girls does level of education determine who you date?

Luke I'm scared if I don't have a bachelor's j won't get a girlfriend cause I'm on match. Com which is a reliable dating site and most of the women on there are looking for a guy with a bachelor's degree which o don't have. I'm in a situation where I'm just starting college and I have a learning disability


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  • sort of, yeah. id like to be with a guy who's at least on the same level i am.

    • So I could be a hard working driven guy but just cause I cznt get a degree due to a learning disability you would write me off

    • i wouldn't write you off. it really depends on what ur doing with ur life.

    • There are some peopl ed who simply can't afford college

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  • No. You can still be successful without a degree, however getting to that point is generally a little tougher without a degree. It does all depend on the individual though, obviously. Women tend to prefer a successful/ambitious/driven man. If you have the opportunity to get a degree, go for it, you won't regret it. If you have a learning dissability, make sure your college is well aware of this. Colleges will usually offer you additional support, so make sure you reach out early on if you're struggling.

    • Yeah I'm very ambitious and driven that's what they love about me at my job I just think sometimes that I may want a degree but my learning disability may not permit it and unfortunately there's nothing I can do to change it

  • The level of education of the guys I've dated has never mattered to me. Honestly, it's how respectful and kind he is, you can't learn everything in college. :) Just do you!

    • I'm just scared it's gonna cause me to be single forever

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    • You will! Just gotta find the right girl, trust me you will.

    • Hopefully I will

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