Do you think there's something wrong with me?

I mean my friends were trying to hook me up with their guy friends but I still don't feel ready to date again. I told them that I appreciate it though. I mean I've had one boyfriend in my life. I haven't dated in four years and to be honest I like being single... for now. I'm not going to lie but I do want another relationship but I STILL don't feel ready. I know I gotta focus on my studies in college and I can't be distracted but... I don't know. One of my best friends asked me a couple of minutes ago about when do I think I'll be ready to date again? I told her when I feel like it and why. She told me to not worry about it and she just had the perfect match for me. I told her when I feel ready to date again, then I'll know. My brain tells me to go for it but my heart says "I'm not ready. I wanna stay single longer... just until I feel ready again." UGH what's wrong with me? I hope I didn't disappoint my friend. I was just feeling honest with myself. My friend hasn't texted me back. I talked to a few guys before she tried to set me up with.

  • It's been four years!! Give the guy a chance!
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  • No.
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  • Nice going, you disappointed your friend she she was trying to do a nice thing for you. Selfish
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  • Go for what your heart says but follow your head and take a chance. Date!
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  • Don't worry. You're okay. It's your choice.
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  • No, there is nothing wrong with you. If your heart is not in it then your heart just simply isn't in it and that's not something you should force to appease others. Because if you do, sooner or later you'll want to back out of the situation anyway and by then some pour guy may have gotten attached.

    Take as much time as you need. :) The single life can truly be amazing and highly refreshing for those who have been hurt in relationships.

    • Thanks. I don't wanna break a guy's heart. I hope I didn't disappoint my friend I mean I told her when I feel read, then I'll know then she didn't text me back.

    • @Asker It's great that you're so mindful of being rude or offensive, but you have to do what's best for you and if this isn't what's best for you right now then don't do it. I'm sure your friend will understand in time.

    • Thank you. I mean I don't wanna be single forever but still.

  • You really need to start dating.

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