What to do if I really want a boyfriend?

For the past few weeks I have been thinking a lot about boyfriends and crushes. I've made up fantasies in my mind and even desperately joined dating websites (I'm 15 btw). This may seem really weird to some people that at 15 I really want a boyfriend but I honestly just love everything about hugging and cuddling and hand holding that you obviously don't get without a boyfriend. Pretty much my question is should I be learning how to be happy alone? Pursue someone at school (ask them out)? Date online?


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  • I was like you when I was younger. Spent all my time focusing on the wrong things and being in a relationship. I liked the thought of being in love and I desperately searched for it.

    Trust me when I tell you that this shouldn't be your main priority. (But I guess you have to experience heartbreak to truly understand) it's all part of your journey to self discovery. If you're going to enter the dating world, I'll leave you with some advice.
    Know your worth and never pretend to like things for the sake of being liked.


    • Also, get off the dating sites! Those guys aren't looking for anything serious.

    • Also, don't send nude or sexy pictures of yourself. Guys don't really care about them, the one's who ask for them do it to see if they can manipulate you.

  • Samee girl same. I'm too shy so it's not gonna happen