I am 19 and have never dated. What age did u have ur first date?

Why do some of us never get approached by guys?
I have had guys staring at me, but no one ever approached me in school.
Is it due to the fact that i was the academic topper and guys thought i would never say yes to them?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I approached a girl the same age as you. She never had her first kiss or even her first date. Quick story: I got her number, texted and talked for awhile. Asked her on a date for following weekend, she accepted. Then the day before the date she says she cannot do it and is sorry. Doesn't tell me why either. Maybe scared? I don't know

    • Yeah. Maybe she chickened out.

    • Well all I'm saying is your time will come. But don't do anything like that girl did. If your scared or don't like him, then tell him, don't lead em on.

    • Yeah. I try not to lead anyone on if i won't date him.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm in the same boat as you. I'm an A student, just the one AP class. I have this huge crush on this one guy and a couple of my friends think he likes me back. He hasn't asked me out but we flirt constantly. And he's the closest I've ever gotten to a guy dating me lol

    • Yeah. But u r 14. &m 19.

    • Yeah I suppose. Point being, you're not the only one. Age doesn't matter in my opinion n trust me: smart virgins are not a rarity in my school lol of course, the actual category has like 5 girls in it but eh. Point is made

    • thanks for MHG!

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  • 26. Because I'm too awesome for women and fate decided to give me an ugly face to give other guys a chance.

  • Shoot I started dating when I was 22. It was not a big deal then nor now. Life is all about being happy on your own so it's sad to see some people need a connection to be emotionally happy.

    • I dont necessarily need someone to be happy. thats somethng i learnt about bieng single. But on days like valentines, it tends to creep in ur thoughts and bothers u.

    • It's not your fault girl, most men avoid girls in Valentine's Day to save themselves some bling bling $ if you know what I mean. Guy can be such DOG'S!

    • Haha. Lol. Okay. :D

  • Not yet dated.


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