How to get over a guy?

Well the guy I'm suppose to be dating is very inconsistent with his communication. Basically he sucks at it! Well have a GREAT night then I don't hear from him for like a couple of weeks every time. Well today is the last straw... He's pulling one of his no communication stunts and I'm over it. I care about him a lot but I can't take it anymore. It's Valentine's Day and I'm by myself and haven't heard from my guy ! It's not ok! I wanna move on but it's hard. Why do you think he's being so inconsistent even though he says I'm the best thing that has ever happened to him.


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  • Are you sure you're the only one? If you go weeks without seeing him, I suspect that might not be the case.

    There's no trick to getting over someone. I'm told by shitty movies that for women it involves a girls party and a lot of wine. But no matter what you do, it just takes time.

    • I would only hope I was the only one. Every time we hang out again he just goes on a rant about how busy he's been with work and studying. But my gut feeling tells me something isn't right.

    • Yeah it doesn't matter how busy work and studying make you. There's time for a text message or a phone call. And the fact that he makes it into a rant is another red flag. A really long explanation for something as simple as "school and work" is pretty often someone trying to sell a lie.

  • Put yourself around good people
    who make you smile


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