Girls, I see lots of hot girls around me how to get a girlfriend from those hot girls?

my problem is i have been single for entire life. i always wanted to have a girlfriend as i see hot girls around me for years. today is Valentine's day and i am still single. what i need to do or be to have such a girlfriend i want. such answers as: "lower your standards" or " try to approach not hot girls" won't be reacived because most girls i see are hot. in other words , most girls i have seen through my university years were hot. i graduated two years ago. also i am insecure about my age. i am turning 25 in less than 5 months and i am afraid of getting such age, my age girls won't be hot... what should i do?


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  • Start by improving yourself. Then approach them and proceed to engage in a conversation with them.

    • what do you mean in improving myself?

    • Putting an effort on your appearance and changing the way you approach them.

    • what do you mean in putting my effort in my appearance. if i want a girlfriend outer of my league in appearance?

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