Why not ask me out again? Does he like me?

I met a guy at an event and then he atarted talking to me online. After a few weeks he asked me out to a cafe and we chatted for almost 2 hours. After that he still talks to me online like several times a week , but not everyday. And once we were talking online, I said something but just teasing. Then he said he likes tease and denial. Does he just want sex?
Recently he's on vacation and didn't talk to me, is this normal? Yesterday I talked to him online, but only a bit flirting. Then he said you are so charming today , does it have to with Valentine's Day? (normally he doesn't say this kind words, now he says Im charming?) Later I sent him a funny tweet (a girl said having a boyfriend is too much drama) Then he said it's true, too much drama and love is a mine field. And this morning he talked to me again.
So do you think he likes me? If so why he didn't ask me out again?

Any advice?
Guys what do you think?


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  • He may be waiting for your green light to ask him. That retweet, for example, can very easily be read as "i dont want a boyfriend." Especially following him complimenting you in a romantic way.

    If you dont do anything to let him know, he will continue to flirt with you online untill he meets a girl irl to fill that need.

    This is all of course pending that he is into you, which i suspect he is

    • What should I do? ask him out or any other good idea?

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    • None that will work for sure. You may have already shut the door to make him ask you. Best you could do is drop hints your looking for a boyfriend

    • Besides, he asked you out the first time. Should he always be the one to ask?

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  • Well that tweet didn't help since it makes it look like you dont want a boyfriend. Im not sure the order of events here but that may have turned him off from asking you out.

    • so what should I do... drop a hint?

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    • how to do that? I'm not good at this...

    • Well maybe send a tweet that shows that or just drop it in conversation that you always wanted wanted a good boyfriend and that you are ready for a relationship.

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  • Hmm I think that he might still be trying to figure out his feelings for you. I think he might like you, yeah, but I think he's unsure. Keep talking to him and see where things go.