After the first date I don't know what to think?

I went on my first date last night with this guy, I think it went well he was making plans for the 2 date but we didn't choose a day. He dropped me home kissed me goodnight and told me as a joke that he'd have my engagement ring for me tomorrow. Before when we were texting he always responded quickly never ignored me and text me through out the day.

He sent me a message this morning I replied but after 4 hours he hasn't gotten back to me and I can see on some social media his been online.

I don't know if I'm overreacting because I'm always unsure after a first date. Should I text him again or just leave it?


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  • Leave it.


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  • He's either busy or he got bothered by your answer or he simply didn't feel like texting.
    Sometimes people are not in the mood to text. It happens.

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