Why doesn't he text me?

I' 20 and I've met this guy who is 23 2 weeks ago at the party we were both pretty drunk and we made out but to my surprise we talk and exchanged numbers he seemd like a really nice and decent guy Then couples of days later we've been talking and he asked me to hang out with him we picked a date when we were both free During the date at first I was quiet shy and embarrassed as he could see and even told me afterwards he thought I was bored. We had few drinks and he seemd really interested in me, my life what I like and all that stuff the conversation was going really good then he walked me to my place but it was around 5am and at this time all of the buses had a break so I told him we can go to my place and he will take an uber or wait for the morning bus. At my place we started to made out but after that we talk and I told him I didn't want to go any further because I am a virgin he seemd really cool with it hugged me we talked a little bit about my love life then he shared some of his stories in between he ended up sleeping at my place we cuddled until he had to go. In the morning we talk a bit about upcoming days I told him I was going to my hometown for couple of days so I was rushed to pack my things and take a train and he had some uni stuff to do. I checked him the quickest way back to his place we hugged and kissed and he left. Then we talk for couple of hours he asked me how I felt and seemed interested when I told him I was a bit down turned out he was feeling the same because of the hangover. We ended up talking in the evening and now it's been 3 days since I haven't heard anything from him I don't want to be pushy and try to text him if he doesn't want to talk but I just thought we had a really good connection (I know this sound stupid but that is what I felt) I'm not sure if he will text me or call or maybe he changed his mind about me I know it wasn't just a hook up for him because of some private things he shared with me but maybe now he got scared


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  • Text him. Texting is not pushy as lomg as you send 1 and not like 12.


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