I still feel bad about him not liking me?

He said the reason was that i am not passionate or ambitious enough for him. He is a doctor and im in school for secretary/officemanagement and even tho its not what i want and im 23 and im still figuring out what my passions are, he acts like im supposed to know NOW and dumped for not being able to make up my mind. I feel so hurt that i wasn't good enough for him and he is dating a girl now and she is not attractive at all but he said she is way better then i am in a text and said he was sorry he ever met me (meanwhile he doesn't want me to forget him by putting his name in his status, so i know who he is). He called me unstable and judge me just after 4 times of meeting me. I feel so heartbroken cause i dont like guys often and the way he rejected me made me feel like i am not worth anything. How can i get over this and the fact he chose another girl over me hurts... really bad. I mean.,,,.. is this a legimate reason to dump someone? he called me a dissappointment.


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  • If you aren't a disappointment then his words are empty.. Keep focus on yourself. I'm sure a much better guy will come along before too long.


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  • So you really want to continue talking to a person who characterized you as a disappointment?
    Girl, you don't deserve to be with someone like him.


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