Creepiest date, ex-boyfriend/girlfriend stories?

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  • i dated one girl, she stayed over mine a lot and we got on really well but she never let me come over to see her... one day i insisted and said i felt odd... when i go round she runs into the bedroom and i hear a lot of noise... she has pics of all of her exes on the wall.. literally covering it

  • I'm not sure if its creepy or not but I used to go to this bar and meet some of the girls who went there and worked there but things got really weird and it never really worked out , it was a small town and everyone knew each other. it was weird they'd like make up rumours about me , like claim I just wanted oral sex even though I had never had oral sex with any of them , claim I was stalking them even though I only saw them at that bar once a week on Saturday night. it just went on and on ,

    there was even this one guy they were friends with and he must of like hated me and fact I also liked these girls cause he'd like follow me around the bar some nights and do all kinds of weird shit and even try and hit on the same girls I was trying to meet. he was a total creep and doing this intentionally it appeared.

    I don't know it was just weird and all , very rude and ignorant group of girls , fortuently the bar isn't open anymore and we don't really see each other around town

  • This girl farted on the first date so that was the first and last date with her. Nasty bitch