Ask A Girl Out In School - How Do I Do That?

I want to meet a girl from school. She is 2 years younger than me and a friend of my sister (same grade, but not thaaat close). My sister unintentionaly told her that I think she is beautiful. (She really is!) and after a few days the girl told my sister that she thinks I'm cute.
Now how could I create a situation to talk and get to know her without beeing creepy or uncool? I mean we never talked before and she I always in a group.


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  • Have your sister invite her over to your guys house or something.

    • Like I said they aren't that close. They stay around in school together with other friends but not more. Also my sister doesn't want to help too much (I haven't helped her with a guy my age but he was a douche). But she had the idea that I could walk into them while they talk. If it gets weird I could still say that I wanted to borrow money from my sister.

    • Yeah, that would be a good idea. Or maybe you should be straight up with her and tell her she's cute, however different people take that different ways.

    • Thanks for MHO!!! Hope I helped.

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  • Du gehst einfach zu ihr und sagst "hi ich finde dich ganz cool, hast du vielleicht Lust mit mir auszugehen?" Wenn sie auch auf dich steht dann sagst sie einfach ja!


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  • Facebook?

    • She doesn't have facebook and I want to do it in person.

    • When she's with your sister get your sister to just go out for some reason then ask then.

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