Meeting a guys friend. ?

Dating a guy for about a month. Met his cousin on date 7. Things were awkward and I think I totally screwed it up. How do I come back from that? Guys, what would you do?
I feel so weird about the whole thing now. Should I contact him?


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  • You need to provide some more details if you want an honest opinion from me..

    • We had 6 dates in the first month. Didn't see him for about 2 weeks. I think because I was a bit drunk and annoying. I did admit my mistake there. So then on date 7 after these 2 weeks, I'm already nervous AND was nervous about meeting his cousin. I think I there were things to say but couldn't since his cousin was there.

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  • What exactly did you do when you met his cousin? How did you screw it up?

    • I feel like I was so awkward that it was uncomfortable for everyone. Maybe some of it's in my head. But the night wasn't as comfortable as other times.

      Maybe it was too soon for me to meet his cousin/friend. ?