Should I break up with him :( ? please help?

so me and my boyfriend we've been together since one year just like every beginning everything was perfect we were at the same school i made him a promise to stay with him no matter what ughh dumb me i tought him was the one by the way this is my first real relationship and im 18... anyway this year we go to separated schools i dont see him a lot he became very distant and always find exuses we skip a week not talking and doesn't make any efforts any.. all the signs of a bad relationship has shown up im losing my feelings and start having crush on others and seeing myself continuing without him i feel happy even when im by myself which is crazy but i don't know if i should really break up i'm tired of telling him whats wrong and he does nothing about it on the other side im afraid of having regrets and never find someone like him cause he's a such a kind person but im not happy with him anymore


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  • I just got out of a situation that sounds very similar to yours and it was the best decision I could have made. I think the hard thing to realize in this situation is that there isn't a perfect option; it may be sad and difficult to break up with him, but you'll never get anywhere if you don't. At this point, the relationship is probably not worth saving. Thankfully, for me, my boyfriend was thinking along the exact same lines and he was the one to bring it up and I get how hard that can be. But it felt so good to be out of the relationship and have the freedom to like/date/flirt with whoever I wanted without feeling guilty. I'm a lot happier now than I have been in a long time (we brok eup about a week ago) and I don't regret it one bit even if I miss him occasionally. I think that for your sake you need to break up wiht him. Set a day to do it and don't let your nerves get the best of you. Best of luck!

    • its so crazy i literally feel the same way.. anyway im happy for you. you made the right choice and for me i always think i deserve to be treated better than this even if at the beginning he seemed so perfect and we felt so compatible
      thanks for you help it really did <3

  • Yeah its definitely time to break up, no point in being with someone if you barely talk and aren't really happy !

    • it seems so sureal for me i've never thought i'd be happy without him

    • totally understand! but it's best for the both of you, you'll be happy in the end :)

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