If after paying the (splitted) bill for the Valentine date, your date says the money he used is supposed to be for a concert, how would you feel?

I felt bad because he kept frequently mentioning that he is saving up for the concert. He said he planned and timed to tell me right after we pay the bill. He also gave me the choice where to eat and what to order.


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  • I feel kind of bad that I don't feel bad. 1st off, the Valentine dinner was split, so you paid your half. If he knew ahead of time that he couldn't afford to go out then, to be honest, he should've found something way cheaper for y'all to do. Staying at home, cooking dinner and watching a movie would've been nice for me. But then again I don't know about you. I honestly feel like spending time is the best gift. If he couldn't afford it then he should t have went out. Very simple.

    • I did want him to tell me ahead of time so I'd choose something cheaper and so I wouldn't feel bad..

    • well, he must love you and thats why he didn't want to tell you. I guess he just wanted to do something nice for you but it wouldve been better if he didn't tell you that he couldnt afford it. It's not like he paid for the both of y'all.