Girls, would you date an introverted guy?

He is really shy, rarely enjoys smalltalk, but he does communicate with you. He only like going out on special occasions, or randomly if he feels he is in a rut, but that only happens a few times a year.

He is always in his head, likes reading, researching, watching Netflix most of the time. He rarely goes out except to work, store and gym, and has little desire to. He is very smart, but not condescending, loving, affectionate, and thoughtful.

Dateable or no? Why/why not?

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  • I'm an introverted girl and I voted "Yes". I could not help but notice that all "Yes" came from introverted girls and all the "No" so far come from extroverted girls. This poll in itself should tell you something. I'm assuming you are the introverted guy, it simply means that you stand a better chance of having a relationship that works with an introverted girl. Right now, I'm dating a really great guy who is very introverted. He is very smart, kind of nerdy/geeky - qualities I'm very much attracted to. He usually spends his time working, going to the gym, watching sport with very close friends. He does not do much other than that. He is a loving man and gives me all the attention I need and I can see that he is genuine about it. He wants to make me happy- this is all that matters to me. I'm probably more accepting of this because I am an introvert myself and I like to have 'me' time:-)

    • Only one extroverted girl on here, lol. At least so far. Glad to know most introverted girls would be willing to give me a chance. Anu suggestions how to find one?

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    • NO, I would not put anything about sex drive on your profile, otherwise you definitely won't get responses from girls looking for serious relationships. You may sound like another guy looking for a hookup. You can mention your high sex drive subtly as you get to know people.

      Out of curiosity... you mean you like having sex twice a day every day? Have you ever tried toning it down and seeing what it's like. There are many women with high sex drive, myself included. I can see myself doing it more times only if I have not seen my boyfriend for a while. You already know that it's an issue and that it has cost you girlfriends, why don't you try tone it down a bit. You don't necessarily need your woman all the time there, try masturbating instead of asking for more sex. Also, don't talk about sex too soon when you meet women, but of course be open about that fact eventually. Don't reveal to them that it has cost you relationships in the past, but try working on that in the backgroube:-)

    • Most often twice a day. I mean if I am really tired or sick, or she is then that is different. I also thought so about bringing sex up. I only mentioned it cost me relationships, to make sure I get my point across, because a lot of girls on here seem to think "every guy" says he has a high sex drive, but really doesn't. I really do, even for a guy. As for toning it down, that is what being single is called, I have experienced it, including right now, I hate it :( Don't get me wrong I want all the wonderful emotional things in relationships as well, it just makes life worth living :D Also, the sex is so much better when you do have those wonderful things!

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  • I'm extroverted, and I would not. Not because it doesn't sound like a guy I would not be able to fall for, but because I enjoy going out so much myself (not partying but other things like dining, picnics, events, walks, all kinds of socialising and talking) and I would feel like we wouldn't be able to do much together in the long run if we didn't share some interests. And I would not want to have to change for him just like he should not have to change to be with me

  • Yeah, I would, and I'm introverted

  • This actually sounds just like one of my best friends who I used to have a huge crush on