Confusing guy's behaviour? Helppppp please?

So, years ago we dated for a really short time. Recently, we got in touch again and were flirting back and forth.

Just 2 weeks ago, I ran into him when he was at his work (supermarket). He chatted away and joked with me quite happily. I then left his work and headed up home. And I ended up texting him.

After his work, he decided to walk up past my house and text me saying he was outside. Sure enough? He was outside. So I went out to say hi.

Then, we chatted again, he let me hear a new song he'd written, and decided to hug me before I went back inside. He stretched his arms wide and then wrapped them right around my waist... our bodies were touching fully and I even let him feel my butt as we hugged. It was pretty intense.

However, when we got home, we ended up arguing over something that had happened in the past and I got confused over our hug. So he said it was better to just be friends. I told him he shouldn't have hugged me and he apologised.

However, the same thing almost happened again a few nights ago. I had an interview for a new job coming up and I ended up running into him again. This time, I was with my sister.

Before I left to go home, he wished me all the very best. I had a bunch of groceries in my right hand, so he stretched out one arm for a hug. And I returned a one arm hug. This time, our genitals didn't touch or anything, but he stroked my back heavily as he hugged me. It still felt strangely intimate.

My younger sister even commented on the hug saying 'it was like he was giving you a back massage there!'

So yeah, I'm confused because his words and actions are not matching up. Any opinions?

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  • He's into you, but not ready to get back into it just yet.

    • Then, why would he hug me... then tell me he was really sorry he had hugged me in the first place... then deliberately ignore my request not to hug me again? I asked him after we'd argued if we could forget about said argument and he said he couldn't forget so easily... therefore we could only be friends. So I said about no hugging. He agreed to no hugging.
      Then he goes ahead and hugs again :S so confusing.

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