Why did he ask me out but then not follow through? does this mean he liked me or not?

This guy I've hooked up with in the past got my number and started texting me. He told me stuff like he thought I was pretty and then asked if he could take me out sometime. He even brought it up again and told me that we were either going to get coffee or go to the beach and we made plans for Saturday. Saturday was only a day later and he never texted me at all to hang out. I even snapchated him to see if he'd bring up hanging out and he didn't respond. what happened did he lose interest? was he never interested? or was there another reason? and what can I do to fix it if something went wrong?


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  • He probably forgot about something that he needed to do and just couldn't make it.


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  • He is an ass. People who do that do not deserve a 2nd chance. If he tries to contact you, ignore him.

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