Why he hurts me like this? Why?

We don't talk too much, but every time we do, he talks to me in a flirty way. He initiates contact 40% of the time but he always disappears leaving me hanging and comes back weeks after. But he's always flirty, saying things like when I'm coming to visit him, says he dreamt about me, he asks if I found a boyfriend, etc.
I flirt back but not as much as him. I'm friendly, I don't overload him with messages.

Why he plays and hurts me if he's not interested?

He lives in another country


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  • Maybe cause y'all live in different nations? You might be taking him too seriously + y'all might not be on the same page

    • You're so right, that makes me feel dumb... I usually take flirtation seriously, oh well. Thank you

    • You're welcome

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  • He is not doing it on purpose.
    However, I don't think you should be talking to him anymore.
    He is already far away from you and that alone makes things even more difficult.


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  • I don't think he's trying to hurt you, but I think he just talks when it's convenient for him. If I was you, I would stop talking to him. Perhaps you could meet someone that lives closer and has more time for you..

    • I just wanted to be friends with him and for him to stop pretending he's interested

  • Well if he's in another country what exactly do you want?

    • Friendship, I don't want him to fake feelings for me

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    • Ohhh cool then. You know there are a lot of people getting catfish online. I think he isn't serious about you because he probably knows it will not work out.

    • Yeah, that's sad lol. But you're right! Thank you for your help

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