My guy didn't tell me happy valentines day and now I feel so hurt?

Last night arouns six my cousin called me and told me he came home from grad school with hia newlywed wife, and ask if I wanted to come to their little get together on my dad's family side i sad yes. Everyone got drunk and couldnt drive due to it being such a long drive. My cousin and his wife picked me up by the way. So come to find out my guy came by my house for me and called my cellphone. I foind out this morning. I called him said hey what you doing happy valentines day. He told me, " appreciate it and that he would call me back he is doing something." I said okay and conversation ended. I got no happy valentines day or phone call back and all of this took place this morning. I got dropped off 8 this morning be rode by seen my cousin in the car and didn't speak. I am so hurt. I cried all evening even while writing this. What should I do?


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  • this is defiantly neglect.

    • What exactly do you mean? What should I do?

    • he told you he'd call you, but he didn't... didn't even get you a card. you need to confront him. do it with a calm head, don't let him dance around the issue, or, try to butter you up.

    • You know he said we would go out to dinner, and it never happened not even the phone call back.

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  • Calm down child, it probably just slipped his mind to tell you, even though you told him. It happens.


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  • Hey, chill...
    He simply doesn't care about that stupid event.
    That doesn't mean he is not in love with you...