Can I ask my married friend with benefits things about her marriage and kids?

I'm just curious about how she met her husband and different things. Keep in mind she has already told me some things about her family already.

People who keep saying I'm fucking up her life she already doesn't want to be with her husband. They are going to divorce.


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  • Why would u wanna know that type of stuff?

    • I told you curiosity.

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    • You don't know that unless she actually signed papers. It may just be a phase but good luck to you 😉

    • True, but I believe in spiritual marriage. Just because people are legally married doesn't mean they are actually together per say. If they really can't stand each other are they reaaaally married?

      Thanks :)

  • Wait, so your guys are hooking up while she's married already?
    Sounds like she's in it for all the wrong reasons. & you're asking for advice from the wrong person.

    • Asking for advice? Are you the wrong person?

    • I didn't mean me. I meant the person who you're sleeping with. Obviously you know you're both destroying her family right?

    • I'm not asking for advice from her. I'm just as a friend talking to another friend shouldn't she tell me some things about herself? I mean she already has, but why can't I ask her about her family?

      Also, how am I destroying her family? They don't know about it, and her husband and her are going to get a divorce anyway.

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  • Why, does it help you to get off knowing whose lives you're fucking with?

    • I'm not really fucking with their lives. She said they are getting a divorce as soon as her son graduates.

    • Be careful if she mentioned divorce. She will be looking for another husband.

    • I doubt she'd want me to be her husband. I'm way too young.

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