Am I crazy or should I be worried? He's been distant & sketchy lately. Even telling small lies that don't make sense why he's lying?

My boyfriend & I have been together for 2.5 years now. Before him I was with a guy for 1.5 years that had been cheating on me for 8 months & I never knew. That guy was abusive & I took it thinking that's what love is because my father left when I was young. This guy I've been with for 2 years has always been extremely respectful & loving. Lately things have become bad. He was telling me about a girl in one of his classes that he loves to sit with because she is funny. He moved from one side of the room to her side just to sit with her. When I tell him about guys in my classes, he gets angry at me for talking to them. Recently I got a bad concussion & didn't go to class for 2 days because I got very sick. Since you're not supposed to use technology on a concussion I literally spent those days laying in bed doing nothing. I asked him to come see me just so I would have someone to talk to, I had been miserable. He didn't come because he knew it would be "boring". He's in the hospital with a collapsed lung & I have been here through it all, even sleeping on a wooden chair. He's told me 4 times today alone to leave because I didn't have to stay. I surprised him with his favorite dinner considering its Valentine's Day & he didn't act like he enjoyed it at all. Am I letting my past get in the way of this relationship or do I have reason to worry?


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  • Maybe things are getting dull and boring to him. I don't think the issue is you. The issue is him.


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